Ridout Custom Homes was started by R. L. Ridout immediately follow World War II.  Mr. Ridout came back to the Dallas area after serving four years in active service in W.W. II in North Africa and Italy.  There was a definite need for housing for homecoming vets.  A world of growth and prosperity had begun and Mr. Ridout was there with talent and desire to fulfill the housing need.  A natural aptitude for design and construction combined with drafting training and a formal education at Southern Methodist University prepared him to meet the challenge. 

His son, Michael Ridout grew up in the business, from an early age, scraping floors and cleaning up.  As he grew older, he learned the skills of designing and drawing plans, working with the financial lending institutions and seeing homes finished to the client’s satisfaction.  Young Mr. Ridout also had a natural ability to envision and design just what the client desired.

R. L. Ridout retired in 1980, but the dedication to quality, workmanship and customer satisfaction has endured through his son to this day. 

When you work with Ridout Custom Homes, you are getting two generations of quality that has been passed down from a time when quality was the most important part of your new home.