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Please browse these frequently asked questions before emailing us.

Q.  Do I need to find an architect to design a plan for you to work from?

A.  Though Ridout Custom Homes provides design services, an architect of the client’s choice can design the structure.  A plan can be chosen from a magazine or other source.  If the plan is not exactly what the client wants, Ridout Custom Homes can make the desired changes and customize the home to given specifications. Ridout Custom Homes will also work with the architect and design the home that was always dreamed of, but never found. 

Q.  I really only need a small home, just for my wife and me.  Do you do small projects?

A.  Absolutely.  Ridout Custom homes has always prided itself in producing whatever the client wants, regardless of size.  Small homes present an exciting challenge: to build in what the customer wants without going over budget and also making the home distinct and impressive even when working within less square footage.

Q.  Do I need to find a home site myself?

A.  If a site has been picked out, a contract can be written to purchase the site on your behalf.  If a site is needed, Ridout Custom Homes can work with the client to find just the right location.

Q.  How do I finance my home?

A.  There are several ways to finance the home and its construction.  Ridout Custom Homes will work with the client to get the financing that best suits the clients needs.